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    The Committee for Industrial Policy, Innovations and Trade of Saint-Petersburg is the executive body of Saint-Petersburg government.

    The Committee was founded to develop and implement the Saint-Petersburg state policy, to coordinate the activities of executive bodies of St. Petersburg government in the field of industrial and innovation policy, the agro-industrial complex, the entrepreneurship development, including small and medium enterprises, the consumer market (wholesale and retail trades, food services, consumer services, funeral business and burial in St. Petersburg), as well as the implementation of St. Petersburg state policy in the field of licensing of separate types of activities, ensuring food safety of St. Petersburg and state regulation in this area.


    Industry and Innovations of St. Petersburg 2018

    Industry and Innovations of St. Petersburg 2017

    Industry and Innovations of St. Petersburg 2016

    How to invest in industry in St. Petersburg

    Industrieinvestitionen in St. Petersburg

    Passport of St. Petersburg industrial zones

    Procedure for granting real estate facilities in property of St. Petersburg for construction, reconstruction and adaptation these for modern use

    Procedure for issuing the land plot development plan in Saint Petersburg

    Procedure for land plot cadastral registration

    Procedure for providing the status of strategic investment project of St Petersburg

    Sanitarity protection zones and enteprise gazard  classes

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